Donna Spillers Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Science, Social Studies


I received my Bachelor's  of Science in Early Childhood Education fom Tift College in Forsyth, Georgia in 1987. In 2001, I graduated from Georgia Southwestern with a Master's of Education in Early Childhood and again in 2005 with an Educational Specialist degree. I received a reading endorsement in 2004. 


I have taught at Crawford County Elementary School from 1987 to present. I have taught first, second, and third grades.


I have lived in Crawford County for 29 years. I am married to Timmy Spillers and have 2 children, Corey and Melissa. My children both graduated from Crawford County High School. I love to read, play the piano and sing in my church choir.  I also lead children's choir.

I've never wanted to be anything but a teacher. I believe that al children can learn, however, not all children learn in the same way. Some children need more small group instruction, some need repetition, and some need hands on instruction. No matter how they learn,  believe children ned to know what is expected of them. I feel if the children knows that the teacher has high expectations for them, they will work hard to reach those expectations.