Caroline Babatope Staff Photo

My name is Caroline Babatope. I started teaching in Crawford County Elementary School in Roberta, Georgia in 2013. Before I came to Crawford County Elementary School, I have taught school children in Nigeria, West Africa; young adults in London, England; a few numbers of School Systems in Georgia, and Birmingham City Schools, Alabama. I enjoy teaching children and working with my colleagues.

My educational philosophy is based on making a difference in the life of every child that I am privileged to educate. My educational philosophy provides rightful same opportunity for education regardless of children’s disabilities. My educational philosophy considers parent involvement, sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of children are very important. My educational philosophy is also utilizing all tools available to create possible learning environment, motivating and passionate in educating the children which lead to meaningful learning experience.

Education & Credentials

Teachers’ Certificate Grade Two (1971): Emphasis on Primary Education

Diploma in Education of Deaf and Partially Hearing Pupils (1978): Special Education Overseas

Certificate in Deafness Studies (1979)

Bachelor of Arts (1982): Elementary Education Emphasis on Education for the Hearing Impaired

Master of Education (1983): Special Education Hearing Impaired/Gifted

Georgia Teaching Certificate (1989): Special Education Credential

Certificate (2003): Special Education Learning Disability/ Interrelated/Hearing Impaired