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A little about me...

This year begins my 15th year in the classroom. I have taught all subjects 
and am certified in all subjects. I have taught 4th and 5th grades. My 
bachelor's degree is in biology, my credential is middle grades education, 
my master's degree is in reading and literacy. I also hold reading 
specialist certification. I am finishing my coursework to add Gifted 
Certification to my credential. I really enjoy the Common Core Georgia 
Performance Standards because I get to share wonderful novels with my 
students. I really do love to read!

I am an avid motorcycle rider. This year my brother and I rode the 
perimeter of Florida for a stormy ride. My brother and I completed a 
cross-country ride summer of 2014 in which we visited our other brothers 
and sisters (I am one of 12 children!)

Before education, I was in the army serving in the medical field.

I am very blessed to have a career that I absolutely love. I can honestly 
say, I love my job!


My perfect classroom is where each child can reach his or her potential in a 
safe, encouraging, loving, bully free atmosphere. It would be awesome to 
have all the bells and whistles of technology in the classroom but we can be 
successful with what we have. I want your child to have a positive attitude 
toward school and take that attitude and become a lifelong learner.